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Payment Plans

Fall 2023 Payment Plan Options

Option 1: 6 Installments

Plan enrollment fee: $10
Installment 1: 05/18/23 (10%)
Installment 2: 06/15/23 (20%)
Installment 3: 07/13/23 (20%)
Installment 4: 08/17/23 (20%)
Installment 5: 09/15/23 (20%)
Installment 6: 10/13/23 (10%)

Option 2: 5 Installments

Plan enrollment fee: $20
Installment 1: 06/15/23 (25%)
Installment 2: 07/13/23 (25%)
Installment 3: 08/17/23 (20%)
Installment 4: 09/15/23 (20%)
Installment 5: 10/13/23 (10%)

Option 3: 3 Installments

Plan enrollment fee: $40
Installment 1: 07/13/23 (50%)
Installment 2: 09/15/23 (25%)
Installment 3: 10/13/23 (25%)

Option 4: 4 Equal Installments

Plan enrollment fee: $30
Installment 1: 07/13/23 (25%)
Installment 2: 08/17/23 (25%)
Installment 3: 09/15/23 (25%)
Installment 4: 10/13/23 (25%)

Option 5: 2 Equal Installments

Plan enrollment fee: $50
Installment 1: 07/13/23 (50%)
Installment 2: 09/15/23 (50%)

Payment Plan Convenient Features

Scheduled Automatic Payments

No need to remember due dates because payments are automatically scheduled for you at no additional cost (after payment of the enrollment plan fee).

Real time Access to Student Accounts

You can access the most up-to-date financial information on your account by logging from anywhere.
Download our App to easily access your account from your mobile device.

Authorize Users

Students can authorize users to make payments on their behalf.


Instructions to enroll in a payment plan:

In order to enroll in any of the above payment plan options, you must log into your MyCCC portal account.

Download the step by step instructions on how to enroll in a payment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have pending Financial Aid and I want to sign up for payment plan. Would the system take my pending Financial Aid into consideration and adjust my account?

Yes, the system will adjust the pending aid against your balance. However, once the actual funds are transmitted, if they are less than your account balance, your remaining payments will be adjusted accordingly. Similarly if they are more than your account balance, you will be issued a refund.

What happens if I add or drop a class after I enroll in a payment plan?

The system will recalculate your balance accordingly and your account will reflect correct amounts.

Can I enroll in payment plan for a Continuing Ed course?

Yes, you can. However, not all the CE courses are eligible for payment plans. For more information please visit our CE web page or contact our CE office.

When will I be charged a late fee?

Your account will be charged a non-refundable late fee of $35 if your payment is not received by 12:01 am on the date following the payment due date.

If an admin enrolls me in a payment plan, are my payments scheduled?

If you get enrolled in a payment plan by one of our staff members, payments are not scheduled. You will have to login and schedule the payments.

What to do if I get Student ID Number message?

Once you login to Self Service and click on Payment Center, you should be able to access your account without any further action. If you get a screen asking you to enter your Student ID Message, this is an indication that you are using an outdated browser. Please update your browser and you should no longer encounter this issue. If you still have problems, please contact Business Office for further assistance at (856) 227-7200, ext. 4312.


Why am I not getting email notifications regarding payment plans?

Students receive notifications through their college issued email. If you have trouble logging in to your college issued email address, please contact our OIT department at (856) 374-4900.  You can also provide additional email address and cell phone number in the Payment Center ->My Account-> Personal Profile to receive email notifications and text messages pertaining to your account.

I am a new student and just registered for a CE course and I cannot login.

Please contact CE office for assistance at (856) 874-6004.

If I am enrolled in a payment plan my payments, can I change the due dates?

To change the due dates on your installments to an earlier date, please contact our business office. Payments cannot be scheduled for a later date than the plan due dates.


How can I change my payment method?